The Energy Information System (SIE) invites you to discover the functionality offered. To facilitate this process, we offer the help module, which graphically explains the use of the tools available.

At this moment, our main tools are:

Statistical Information: They are a set of statistical data in structured tables that describe an activity and/or balances related to hydrocarbons, including renewable energy, electricity, coal, energy efficiency, forward-looking research and petrochemical industry. You have the ability to consult different time periods (daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual), make variations and comparisons between periods, convert units, generate graphs and more.

Geographic information: : It is a tool that allows you to consult operative information contained in the database of the SIE related with a geographical point. It is ordered by themes or layers related hydrocarbons, electricity and geographic and socioeconomic information, with tools that facilitate their use.